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Florida Man Fed Up With All the Hype and B.S. About Making Money Online Defies The Internet Marketing Guru Code of “Tell, But Don’t Show” And Pulls Back the Curtain On One of His Profitable Web Sites To Reveal Step-by-Step How You Can Find, Grow, and Profit From A Niche Web Business…Starting From Scratch!

Listen to a Personal
Message from Michael

“Finally! Here’s The Real, In-The-Trenches Information That Shows You Exactly How To Create Powerful Niche Web Sites GUARANTEED To Attract Loads Of Free Traffic, Generate Multiple Income Streams, and Put You On The Fast Track To Financial Freedom!”

And You Can Do It Without Being A Computer Geek
OR Spamming The Search Engines
Just Follow The Included Web Site Example And You'll See (Starting From Day 1) How I Turned A Simple Idea Into A Money Making Machine!


From: Michael J. Holland
Today is:
Coral Springs, Florida

Dear Internet Friend

I must have a few screws loose.

You see, I’ve worked hard for the last four years to learn the secrets of niche marketing and creating very profitable niche web businesses.

I’ve spent thousands of hours (not to mention dollars) trying, testing, tweaking, and perfecting techniques for uncovering profitable niche markets and dominating them.

Then I labored for nine months to put together my proven home study system that covers everything you need to know for creating successful niche web businesses. I even reveal my insider techniques for easily calculating the profit-potential of a niche business idea before you create a web site!

Now I’m Going To Share
My Secrets With You!...Why?

Because I'm sick and tired of watching good people get sucked into quack money-making schemes and Internet Marketing products that promise the world…but don't provide one stitch of proof they actually work.

When I started my quest for Internet gold four years ago, I fell into the same dead end traps.

So, I know that sinking feeling of frustration and disappointment after working hard for weeks (even months) and not seeing any meaningful results.

That's why I'm doing something no sane Internet marketer would ever dream of doing.

I'm handing you my 8-step money-making system on a silver platter. And just to prove to you that it works, I used one of the niche business ideas from my first Strike It Niche! ebook as a real-life case study.

You'll discover how I turned a simple idea into a 24/7 cash generating machine… And by seeing how I'm doing it, you'll be able to create your own profitable web business with ease and confidence.

But listen up: Don't think that every niche web business is going to rake in a million dollars.

The truth is…

I Make Money From Multiple Income Streams
Across Different Niche Markets

The money comes from many different sources and in widely varying amounts.

Now, I don't know about you, but when it comes to making money online, I'll take checks of any size (especially, if there's lots of them and they are earned while I'm sleeping, out having dinner, or exercising at the gym).

So, I rake in checks from multiple affiliate programs, Google AdSense, and selling my own products. For example, I sell information products in different niche markets, and it's great to see daily sales like these flowing in for one of my products:


It's even better, though, to collect paychecks consistently month after month, like those shown in this one year summary for just one of my Clickbank accounts:

But life really gets exciting when big checks show up in my mailbox…like this one dated June 17, 2005 for $62,925.17 for 14 days of product sales:

And this little Christmas gift dated December 21, 2005 for $27,258.17 for 10 days of product sales:

(Note: All of the above amounts are net profits, not gross sales.)

Now, I didn't present these examples to puff out my chest and brag about how well I'm doing online.

Instead, my intent is two-fold:

First is to prove that I “walk the talk”. After all, you don't know me from Adam and I really need to have your undivided attention. You're about to receive valuable insights that could change your life, and I don't want you to miss out.

Second is to give you an idea of what's possible. Yes, real people are making real money online.

Take it from someone, who in 2001, was in the same situation as you (maybe even worse).

I had just lost my consulting job and had over $14,000 in credit card debt.

The economy was in shambles and 8 months of job searching turned up nothing.

I remember being frustrated and then vowed never again to have my financial destiny controlled by some company that treats me like a number.

Today, I earn a full-time living on the Internet…working from home and enjoying life on my own terms.

And now that I've discovered how to succeed online, I'm ready and willing to take you by the virtual hand and help you copy my success.

Announcing “The Niche Mastery System™”

The Niche Mastery System is a comprehensive, interactive, 8-step home study course that covers everything you need to know about finding profitable niches, understanding your markets, and then giving them exactly what they want.

Starting from scratch, it will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of how to generate multiple income streams by creating content-driven niche web businesses (more on this in a moment).

Once you learn these 8 proven and powerful steps, you'll have the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve your financial dreams.

Mastery Step 1
Finding Your Niche & Evaluating Demand

When it comes to creating a profitable online business, most people have it all backwards. An idea hits them in the middle of the night and they rush to build a web site. Sadly, this “fire-aim-ready” approach is a key reason why more than 3 out of 4 online businesses fail (according to the research firm Gartner Group).

In this mastery step, you'll get 18 ways and resources for uncovering “hot”, high-profit potential niche markets. And you'll discover how to quickly calculate market demand for your niche ideas and determine if they meet the minimum level for starting an online business. You'll also get my never-before-revealed secrets for selecting profitable keywords. If you bypass this step, you might as well open a window and start throwing your money out of it.

Mastery Step 2
Identifying Problems & Products

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. But that doesn't mean your niche market will buy whatever product or service you throw at it.

In this mastery step, I'll show you how to tap into the hearts and minds of your niche audience and identify their wants and desires. Not only will you discover what your audience is ready and willing to buy, you'll also gain critical insights that can shape your entire business. And once you know exactly what your niche market wants, you can create a laser-targeted web site that attracts tons of raving fans that keep buying from you again and again.

Mastery Step 3
Assessing Profitability

This is do-or-die decision time for your niche idea. Will you create a web business for it or not? Up until now, you've gathered valuable data that is critical to success.

In this mastery step, you'll use that information and four simple techniques to calculate the profit potential of a web site - and determine which income streams are likely to be the biggest moneymakers. The best part is that you'll be able to give your business idea a confident thumbs-up or thumbs-down before creating a web site - so that you don't waste time and money chasing a pipe dream.

Mastery Step 4
Laying Out Your Web Site & Creating Content

Creating a content-driven web site that is both user and search engine friendly is extremely important to your online success. But there's a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Choose the wrong way and your web site will be dead in the water -- No traffic and no profits!

In this mastery step, I'll reveal how to create a site that will give you instant credibility and make your visitors want to do business with you over and over again. You'll also learn how to get the major search engines to happily gobble up your content web pages and give them top rankings.

Mastery Step 5
Getting Targeted Traffic

It goes without saying that traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. But to make lots of money, you need to attract heaps of targeted traffic. Forget about wasting your money on those junk traffic-generating schemes. I've tried most of them and they simply don't work.

In this mastery step, you'll discover the specific techniques I use to drive swarms of targeted visitors to my web sites month after month – and how you can apply these same strategies and techniques to your venture, too… 90% of this traffic is totally FREE!

Mastery Step 6
Creating Information Products

When you're ready to take your online business to the next level, the fastest way to do it is to create your own information products. It's much easier than you might think. In addition to the major credibility boost that information products will give to you and your business, you'll make a lot more money because you get to set prices, distribute profits, and control all the marketing.

In this mastery step, I'll unveil the techniques and resources for producing five types of information products. You'll also get secrets on how to turn your information products into much higher-priced physical products that you ship to customers. By delivering valuable content in the format that your niche market wants, your sales (and profits) will soar.

Mastery Step 7
Selling & Marketing Products & Services

Ask any business expert and they will tell you that 70% to 80% of your time and energy should be spent on selling and marketing activities. Why? Because that's where the big money is . But for such a critical part of your business, you don't want to waste a bunch of time trying to figure out what does and doesn't work.

In this mastery step, you'll unearth the selling and marketing techniques that I've found to be effective in accelerating the growth of my online businesses. I've organized them into three categories: 1) promoting someone else's products; 2) selling your own products, and; 3) general sales and marketing techniques. You'll uncover secrets on how to increase earnings from affiliate programs, double your income from advertising programs, set product prices to maximize revenue, profit from drop shipping arrangements, and a whole lot more!

Mastery Step 8
Monitoring & Growing Your Business

It doesn't matter how much money your web business makes. If you don't monitor its performance properly, you could be leaving a lot more cash on the table. In this mastery step, you'll get insider tips and resources for analyzing your web site's critical numbers to ensure that it is meeting or exceeding its profit potential. And when you're ready to expand your online empire, you'll also learn how to do it the right way – for maximum earnings.

Why A Content-Driven Web Business
Is Your Best Chance For Online Success…

There's no two ways about…on the Internet content is king. Search engines are starving for it. And when people surf the web, the vast majority of them are seeking information that will help solve a problem, answer a question, or satisfy a need.

So, if you're an Internet marketing beginner or struggling to make money online, developing a web business that delivers high demand content is your ticket to Internet wealth.

When created and used the right way, your content can be very powerful money-magnets that attract multiple streams of income .

With just one web site, you can quietly rake in piles of cash from many sources, including affiliate programs, advertising programs, your own digital and physical products, and more. And if you expand your empire to include just 2 or 3 of these money-churning machines, it's easy to see how the number of income streams can increase exponentially.

But there's also another very important benefit of content. That is its ability to drive lots of free targeted traffic to your web site…continuously, month after month, year after year.

Believe me when I tell you that any other free traffic-generation technique comes in a far distant second place.

Of course, you could buy traffic if you have the budget. But why do that when you can get it for nothing!

For my content-driven web sites, 90% of the traffic doesn't cost a penny. And when I purchase it, I only do it under certain strategic circumstances.

But you won't simply have to take my word for what I'm saying about content-driven web businesses. That's because I'm going to give you…



Here's where you get to see me take “walking the talk” to a whole new level!

In The Niche Mastery System, you'll get to look directly over my shoulder and follow the progress and growth of a tiny niche web business over an 8 month period, starting from Day 1.

You'll get to see actual screenshots from ad campaigns, research work, and tests that I performed. You'll even get to peek into a journal that I kept to document additional thoughts and ideas.

In the beginning, I worked on the web site about five hours per week. That time gradually decreased, and by the eighth month I worked on the site less than 1 hour per week.

As you can see below, the site grew from 45 visitors its first month to more than 31,400 visitors in its eighth month.

(Note: The home page for the web site was created on December 26, 2003 . And as you can see below, a year later this tiny site continues to attract solid targeted traffic -- 90% of which is completely free every month -- without me barely lifting a finger! Imagine if I had the time to really work it!)

Once your site is getting lots of targeted traffic, the world becomes your oyster. You get to sit back and decide how hard you want to work and how much money you want to make.

How Much Can You Earn?

Now, I'm not going to sit here and guarantee the amount of money your web business will make. Only a scam artist would try to pull that lame illegal trick. Besides, I don't know what niche you're going to conquer or if you'll follow my advice to the letter (as you should).

For the tiny niche web site that I created, I'm not an expert on the niche topic and have no interest in ever becoming one. Also, I didn't spend a lot of time promoting it because I had other higher priority niche projects on my plate.

But even so, the site was churning out more than $500 per month by May 2004 and over $1000 per month by August 2004…and doing it virtually on auto-pilot! (Note: In the material, I've included a detailed breakdown of the earnings and sources to further prove to you that the system works. And yes, even today, the site still consistently earns more than $1000 per month!)

Of course, you're not going to retire on $1000 per month. But that money could be used toward a new luxury car, home improvement project, family vacation, or to simply pay-off credit card debt.

Now, there's one key point you should remember. The amount of money that the site earns is not a surprise to me.

That's because The Niche Mastery System provides techniques for predicting the profit-potential of your niche business idea before creating a web site. It also shows you how to make a lot more money if you're willing to put forth a little extra effort.

The bottom line is that you get to control your own financial destiny.

Another question you may be asking is…why didn't I select a niche business idea that had greater money-making potential? There are three reasons:

Reason #1 - I want to prove to you that there are hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of little goldmines that can easily bring you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. And you can do it without killing yourself. The key is knowing exactly how and where to mine the gold.

Reason #2 - The truth is, once you learn how to create a web business that is making at least $1000, month after month (practically in your sleep), you'll have the solid foundation you need to earn as much money as you want online. If you want to make more, just keep following the system and pouncing on new opportunities. Eventually you'll find yourself sitting on top of a huge mother lode!

Reason #3 - I'm not going to give away my top ideas. Think about it. If you knew where a large stash of treasure might be buried, would you run around telling everyone where it is and how to get it? Probably not.

As it stands, I'm already taking a huge risk by revealing the domain name and details behind a profitable niche site that people could easily copy. (Of course, I hope that you won't.)

So that's why I'm keeping a few treasures hidden away.

Here's What You Can Look Forward To
Inside “The Niche Mastery System”

18 places where you can uncover “hot” high demand, low competition niche markets and quietly dominate them.
My simple technique for calculating market demand for a niche idea and the MINIMUM level it should be before you even think about creating a content-driven web business. (If you move forward without this crucial data, you might as well start pouring your hard earned money down the drain.)
Why most content-driven web sites suffer from “Specialization Erosion” and how you can prevent it from ruining your credibility and killing your profits.
4 quick and easy ways to determine if your niche idea will be profitable BEFORE creating a web site. (Discover how I use them to pinpoint the most lucrative income streams with uncanny accuracy.)
How to select keywords that will accelerate the growth of your web business. The key is learning the difference between “traffic-getters” and “profit-getters”.
How to use “lateral thinking” to tap into a continuous supply of keywords that will explode your traffic, increase your profits, and even uncover overlooked niche markets.
How to easily tap into the collective mindset of your niche market and have them reveal the exact products and services they are ready and willing to buy BEFORE you create a web site.
Why finding a high demand, low competition niche market is not always a good thing (do what I suggest to avoid frustration and disappointment).
Discover the easiest way I know to make money online. (I get a check every month without lifting a finger.)
Get the inside scoop on choosing a winning domain name for your site. (Yes, it definitely does matter and doing it the wrong way could cost you traffic and sales!)
How to select a unique web site theme that will establish you as a perceived expert and have visitors salivating to buy your products and affiliate products you recommend.
How to format and optimize your content web pages so that they will achieve top rankings in the BIG search engines and drive boat loads of free targeted traffic to your website.
2 keyword categories that attract lots of traffic but are often overlooked by web site owners.
How to quickly and easily get content for your site without writing a word yourself or breaking the bank.
The free publicity technique that I use to drive offline traffic to my web sites.
How to get your web site listed in Google and YahooSearch in 24 to 48 hours.
The right and wrong ways to improve link popularity (and how to do it without killing yourself or turning your site into a links farm).
20 top directories that you should immediately submit your web site to in order to quickly increase its link popularity and accelerate its search engine rankings.
How to get the biggest bang for your marketing buck using pay-per-click search engines.
My secret 4-step strategy for creating and distributing articles, and getting more sites (including competitors) to use them. (No one I know is doing this.)
How to increase traffic to your web site, build your opt-in list, and make more money using one simple viral marketing technique.
Why an ebook may not be the way to go for your first information product.
How to create a saleable information product in an hour or less!
Discover simple ways to increase the perceived value of your information product and have customers happy to pay a higher price.
How to easily create an information product even if you don't know anything about the topic.
How to package your digital product as a physical product (which has a higher perceived value and much greater profit margin).
The behind-the-scene details and resources for producing 5 types of information products that make it easy for you to give your niche market exactly what it wants. (This means you'll make more money faster!)
How to double (or even triple) your income from Google AdSense.
My secret technique for choosing affiliate programs that match the wants and desires of my niche audience like a perfectly tailored suit (most marketers have it all backwards).
How to find out the absolute best (and most profitable) price to sell your product for BEFORE you release it.
The truth about what you need to do to make drop shipping a profitable income stream for your online business (and how to avoid the pitfalls that can rob you of success).
The one thing that you absolutely positively must do if you want to take your Internet business to the next level. (No, it has nothing to do with creating more web sites.)
How to set-up and grow multiple content-driven web sites for maximum profits and faster success.

There you go...

And what makes the system so unique is that you'll have real-world, tested and proven, examples to follow each step of the way.

Are You Right For “The Niche Mastery System”?

While there are many secrets in The Niche Mastery System that would benefit seasoned marketers, I also created it so that open-minded beginners will gain a rock-solid understanding of how to succeed online.

But, before I reveal secrets that will open the door to untold profits, I need you to be honest with me (and yourself) for a moment.

  • Are you able to change old ways of thinking and doing things?

  • Are you willing the follow instructions EXACTLY as I've laid them out?

  • Do you have a burning desire to improve your financial life?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you aren't a good fit for The Niche Mastery System and I don't want to waste your time or mine.

But if your responses were a resounding “yes”, then congratulations! You have what it takes to build lifelong wealth and achieve your financial dreams.

Now, just to be doubly sure we see eye-to-eye and that there's no confusion…

Here's What “The Niche Mastery System” is
Not…and Who it's Not For

What it's not…

  • NOT A technical course on html programming or how to construct web sites
  • NOT A get-rich-quick scheme
  • NOT A get-rich-for-free program (I'm not going to B.S. you. If you're down to your last dime, this program probably isn't for you. Operating a web business is an investment and, at a minimum, you should budget for web hosting services and business development tools. I'll reveal what I do.)
  • NOT A program that teaches you how to make money by pushing a button to instantly create hundreds or thousands of junk web pages and spamming the search engines. Such schemes are short-lived and generally don't make any money. (This system is for people who want to build real Internet businesses that generate continuous lifelong income.)

Who it's not for…

  • Anyone who considers themselves to be a very experienced marketer and is already making good money online
  • Anyone who'd rather spend all day talking about changing their life rather than just doing it
  • Anyone who doesn't want to use content to get free traffic or generate multiple income streams from their web business

Here’s Just Some Of The Things People
Are Saying About This System…

It Makes A Huge Difference!...
  “Michael, I want to tell you that I am so impressed with The Niche Mastery System that I had to do like David Letterman and I had to share the Top 5 reasons someone should buy it today.
So, I hope you don’t mind. Number 5……

And the Number 1 reason, Michael -- Your system is head and shoulders over many I’ve reviewed because you use a real live, working, money-crunching Web site as the example in your system. It makes a huge difference in understanding all the concepts that you’re going over -- to be able to go to that Web site and see how you put everything into practice. Michael, what can I say. You did an absolutely great job! ”
Debbi Bressler


I Created A Whole New Product Using Your Tips
  “…Your Quick Start Guide was of immeasurable use to me. And I spent the first part of my vacation out here when I was visiting Maryland listening to your CDs over and over again because they are just jammed pack with information that anybody can use from a novice to somebody who is really an expert in Internet businesses.

I’ve taken your tips on page 101 to employ a keyword tip that I’ve been vastly under using in my present business. And with your tip on page 167, I created a whole new niche product using your tips and your strategies.

The margins of my workbook are filled with scribbled ideas that I’ve implemented in both of my new businesses. So, The Niche Mastery System has helped me realize that there are important gaps that I hold in my plan to develop niche blogs and to also develop a course on niche blogging. I can’t say enough good things about your course. Thank you so much for this great resource.”
Tinu Abayomi-Paul


I Don’t Feel Like I’m Floundering…
Like most people on the Internet, I have never made a lot of money, but I am now 100% confident that is going to change since I have begun to learn from Michael Holland and The Niche Mastery System.

I could share with a number of things I have discovered from Michael’s System, but let me just share three things that I have learned that is going to save me a ton of money, time and energy as I market my products.

First of all, Michael has shown me how to effectively use the right tools, to choose the right keywords that will drive traffic to my website, instead of choosing a bunch of junk keywords that can cost me a lot of valuable traffic and a lot of money.

Secondly, Michael has taught me how to calculate the profitability of my “Niche Product Idea,” before I even build my website. I now can determine if my idea for a product or service has any potential of making me money before I waste my time and money on building a website and creating a product that know one wants to buy in the first place.

For example, I was going to write an ebook and develop a website for an idea, but after doing the research, that I’ve learned from Michael, I’ve decided to, hold up on creating that particular product and take that idea in an entirely new direction. And it’s all because of what I learned from Michael and his System.

And Thirdly, it has been very helpful to see and hear how Michael has developed his own profitable website from scratch. I mean, it has been amazing to see how Michael came up with the idea for his own website, how he chooses his keywords, and developed his website. And then, how that content rich website has become a small oil well of multiple streams of income that keep pumping out profits for him every day.

And what is so exciting to me is, I don’t feel like I’m floundering, with no direction any more. I have a plan. I have the tools. I have a system, The Niche Mastery System. With my determination and hard work combined with Michael’s encouraging coaching through his system, I am confident that I will become financially free.

Friends, The Niche Mastery System will be the best investment that you will ever make if you want to be successful online. Thanks Michael for a great system.
Dennis J. Hester
Shelby, North Carolina

It’s So User-Friendly…
“Michael, The thing I love most about your Niche Mastery System is it's so user-friendly! You take folks by the hand, give them step-by-step instructions..."yes, do this... no, never do that... this is the easiest way to..."

Plus, people can actually use your system without buying ten thousand other things to go along with it. I like that in a product!

Your Quick Start Guide makes a great checklist so the niche researcher is sure not to leave out any step in the process. And the CD on what to do with the SRDS is a super addition! So those massive volumes are more than just great bookends! :)

I can't imagine how much work you put into this system, Michael. It's complete and easy-to-use. You don't find that in a lot of internet products. If anyone wants to know how to set up an entire niche web business, you're the man, and this is the package!”
Lisa Preston


Truly Has It All!...
"Michael...congratulations and job well done! The Niche Mastery System truly has it all. You've covered every key component that someone needs to succeed online. And to top it off, you're letting people look over your shoulder and see how exactly how you build a real money-making Web business ... starting from day 1. That's pure gold!

My only problem with it is it's too cheap. Seriously. Get it before Michael follows my advice and raises the price."
Yanik Silver


Anybody Can Understand It…
  “I love how you mixed the direct marketing with some of the Internet niche stuff. And what I really love is how you put it into just such a really concise format that I’m able to hand over to my assistants and let them do all the

In the past, it’s been difficult for me to explain to them what to do because a lot of this is in my head and you did an excellent job of breaking it down into a second or third grade level where anybody can understand it.

And it has made my whole creation process a whole lot easier, simply because I can outsource it all. So, thank you for that.It looks great. I’m really excited to have it and I’m looking for big things this year in 2006. Thanks very much!”
David Hooper


Not What I Expected...

Just wanted to let you know I received Niche Mastery today -- kind of 
surprised it made it all the way to Alaska that fast. =:)

I was really busy today so I didn't get around to looking at it until about an hour ago and I have to say it's not what I expected. For some reason, and this is going to sound stupid, I thought Niche Mastery was all about "finding a niche" and that was it. Instead, I see you not only have that, but you go on to completely flesh out the whole thing, including build the site, finding content, driving traffic, and making money!

(Why am I telling you? You know this!)

Anyway, I'm really excited about this course because I have two siblings who are currently quizzing me on how to get into making money on the internet -- and I'm going to stop feeding them different links and point them to your course. From what I've seen so far, a newbie should be able to take your course, follow the steps, and actually make money -- without flailing around for months or years.

Very nice looking product, and awesome content!
Jay Jennings


I Found A Goldmine Concerning Google AdSense!...

“Michael, Awesome!  You've created another MUST HAVE information product.  "Strike it Niche" was directly responsible for two of our most successful websites.  Now, with The Niche Mastery System, you've provided us with yet another piece in the 'making money online puzzle' even bigger piece than "Strike it Niche" was!

What I love best about The Niche Mastery System is that it's set up as a step-by-step course, similar to one you'd expect in a college class.  The INFORMATION is there, the INSPIRATION is there and the two are woven together with MOTIVATION.  You are, at heart, an educator and a motivator above all else.  Your words tend to make a person feel that they can accomplish whatever it is you're trying to teach them.  That's why I read your material over and over again. You give me the INFORMATION once, but the MOTIVATION again and again.

I truly believe that with The Niche Mastery System alone, a complete novice could set up (and run) a money making website within a short time.  It's exactly what I wish had been around when we first started working online. I can only imagine where we'd be now if we'd had this from the start. 

My favorite part may have been the 15 Interview CDs.  I sat listening to them each day as I was working online - and would often have to stop to write something down. I filled a notebook!  It reminded me of being in college, taking notes in Psychology class. The only differences were:

1.  I could go back any time I needed something repeated.
2.  This was far less expensive than the 3 credit hours were.

3.  This is information I'll actually be able to use!

Within what I refer to as the textbook, I found a goldmine concerning Google Adsense. I took one of our websites and implemented the suggestions given.  Suffice to say, I've now done the same with the rest.  It's information that I haven't seen anywhere else, and I haven't heard anyone else talking about.  Maybe that's because they don't know.  They should get The Niche Mastery System!

Thank you for all of the time and hard work you put into researching and testing....and thank you even more for not keeping it all to yourself !”
Joi Sigers


Okay, Take a Deep Breath While I Summarize What You Get With “The Niche Mastery System”

You get:

7 Audio CD-ROMs – You'll hear Customer Catcher™ radio host, Martin Wales, grill me for more than seven hours about every technique and nuance of The Niche Mastery System. I spilled the beans on everything I know about creating content-driven niche web businesses and building a continuous lifelong income.
A Detailed Home Study System Manual – In this resource, you'll master the 8 proven and powerful steps for finding profitable niches and milking a great income from them. But what's even better is that you get to see details of how each step was used to turn a simple idea into a successful, real-world niche business.
Quick Start Guide – Want to cut to the chase and start building a niche web business right away? Then follow the action steps outlined in this guide.

Quite frankly, there's no Internet marketing guru I know who would give you this kind of behind the scenes access without charging you at least $997. And many of them would charge you a lot more without thinking twice!

But you can relax. You won't have to pay an arm and a leg for The Niche Mastery System, even though it's clearly superior to other products costing three or four times as much.

In fact, if you order right now , you'll also get these free bonuses…

Free Bonus Audio CD-ROMs
Success Strategies of Eight
Niche Mastery Advisors™

The Niche Mastery Advisors are a hand-picked group of successful Internet marketers that I know personally and whose advice you can trust.

I wanted to interview them because of the additional value and perspective they would add to certain techniques and strategies covered in The Niche Mastery System.

You'll discover key insights they've used to increase their profits and rocket their online businesses to the top.

Here's what you get:

Bonus CD #1:

“Traffic Secrets for Niche Marketers”

Interview with Brad Fallon
(52:06 minutes)

Brad is a world-class search engine optimization expert who rakes in tons of highly targeted traffic to his web sites and his clients' web sites. And he really does walk the talk. One of his sites, which sells wedding favors, made $65,426 in its third month of existence and the earnings steadily increased to where the site made $156,037 in its sixth month. Absolutely amazing! Here's some of the traffic secrets Brad will reveal:

  • The 2 biggest myths about search engine optimization.
  • Brad's top method for stomping the search engines and driving loads of traffic to his web sites and those of his clients.
  • A common web site design flaw that you MUST avoid if you want the search engine bots to visit your site and index it.
  • What you should have on your site to virtually guarantee that the search engine bots suck in all of your web pages.
  • The most important formatting feature for your web pages. (This can greatly impact how they rank in the search engines.)
  • How to get the biggest bang from articles.
  • A simple change that you can make to your links to greatly improve web page rankings in the search engines.


Bonus CD #2:

“Copywriting Secrets for
Niche Marketers”

Interview with Yanik Silver
(61:00 minutes)

As an expert direct marketer and copywriter, Yanik has created sales letters that have pulled in 17% or more and shattered industry averages. His copy has sold everything from $17 ebooks to $10,000+ equipment to physicians. Yanik continually generates multiple 5-figure and 6-figure paydays just from the words he puts on paper or on a computer screen.

Here's some of the copywriting secrets he will reveal:

  • What you must do before sitting down to write one word of your sales copy!
  • How to get highly effective content for your sales copy. (Just copy, paste, and tweak!)
  • How to easily determine a theme or angle for your sales letter.
  • 2 secret techniques for organizing a sales letter for maximum sales conversions.
  • Yanik's 6 basic formulas for writing winning headlines.
  • The Do's and Don'ts of writing sales copy.
  • The major elements of a sales letter (what they are and which one's will increase your sales the most).


Bonus CD #3:

“SRDS Secrets for Niche Marketers”

Interview with Anthony Blake
(71:52 minutes)

Known as the Marketing Mindreader™, Tony has created and implemented mastermind marketing strategies, concepts and techniques for more than 780 businesses in over 83 different industries. You may know him best from his very popular Entrepreneurial Success Forum ( which receives more than 6 million visits per month. This legendary marketer rarely grants interviews, so I was lucky to snag him to discuss the often overlooked SRDS. It's one of the many weapons in his marketing arsenal. Here's some of what Tony will reveal:

  • How the SRDS can be used to find profitable niches.
  • How the SRDS can be used to understand what your niche market wants. (This can give you a huge marketing edge over your competition!)
  • The secret to getting your own personal copy of an SRDS book without coughing up the big bucks that are normally charged for it.
  • How to use the SRDS to select the most profitable types of affiliate programs for your niche.
  • What you must know before buying a mailing list.
  • How magazine publishers can help you grow your niche business.
  • 4 little-known resources that have shaped Tony's business and that he recommends for learning everything you need to know about direct marketing.


Bonus CD #4:

“List Building Secrets for
Niche Marketers”

Interview with Joel Christopher
(65:13 minutes)

Joel is known worldwide as The Master List Builder. He got that name by increasing his list of opt-in subscribers from 10,000 names to 30,000 names in less than 90 days. So, you'll want to listen closely to the secrets he reveals:

  • How to use “strategic pop-ups” to increase your subscriber sign-ups
  • The most important requirement for building a list
  • When you should considering buying names and when you should avoid it
  • How to get your list to be more responsive to your offers
  • 8 ways a list can benefit your business
  • Common list building mistakes
  • How to use Joel's Rule to 250 to jumpstart your list building efforts.


Bonus CD #5:

“Joint Venture Secrets for
Niche Marketers”

Interview with Marc Goldman
(56:28 minutes)

Marc and his wife and business partner, Terry, started in the direct marketing business in 1994 and entered into the software development business a few short years later. Like many niche marketers, they had their share of ups and downs. Then one day they received a ONE HOUR consultation on joint ventures that changed their lives. After a year of experimenting, and many failures they developed an amazing array of their own JV techniques that began to work for them starting off small and then producing monthly incomes of $30,000 and as high as $112,000. Suffice it to say that Joint Ventures became the cornerstone of Marc and Terry's software and information empire. Here's some of the JV secrets that Marc will reveal:

  • How to use joint ventures to get just about anything you want.
  • How to approach joint venture partners to get them to say yes to your proposals
  • A sneak peek into Marc's “Temperature Gauge” technique to identify joint venture partners
  • The worst thing you can do when approaching a JV partner with a product you want to sell
  • How to get others to help you find JV partners and sell your business proposal
  • Why joint ventures are a surefire way to convert a higher percentage of sales
  • What's the first (but most often overlooked) step in making a joint venture deal?


Bonus CD #6:

“Home Business Success Secrets for Niche Marketers”

Interview with Debbi Bressler
(72:14 minutes)

Debbi is a home business expert, personal business coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and trainer. She's passionate about looking out for the little guy and helping us avoid being scammed and lied to when it comes to home business opportunities. Debbi also has hands-on experience in many types of home businesses.  She was the #1 rep in two direct sales companies and started her own jewelry design business, turning a $500 investment into $100,000 within a year.  Here's some of the home business success secrets that Debbi will reveal:

  • How to recognize “red flag” home business opportunities that are a complete waste of time and money.
  • What it takes to really be successful with a home business. (Knowing this can save you a lot of frustration – not to mention money.)
  • The biggest mistakes people make that cause their home businesses to fail.
  • How to evaluate and identify winning business opportunities.
  • How to select the right affiliate programs for your niche market.
  • An overlooked, lucrative way of promoting other companies' products (Nope, it's not affiliate programs and its not drop shipping!)
  • 7 little-known ways (5 offline ways and 2 online ways) to attract targeted traffic to your web site.


Bonus CD #7:

“Publicity & PR Secrets for
Niche Marketers”

Interview with Martin Wales
(63:56 minutes)

Martin currently hosts Customer Catcher Radio on, the world-wide leader in Internet talk, and home of eBay Radio and other Entrepreneur Magazine shows. Also, a s a media personality and speaker, he's in demand at many events, trade shows, and numerous business conferences . His marketing and communications expertise is published in monthly columns and articles, nationally and internationally. His columns reach over 1,000,000 readers annually. Here's some of the publicity and PR secrets that Martin will reveal:

  • How to easily get publicity for your web business to explode your traffic.
  • What you should do to get your first media exposure.
  • How to get media outlets to contact you for interviews again and again!
  • How to make contact with the right media for your specific niche.
  • How to use publicity to greatly improve your bottom-line.
  • Overlooked resources right in your neighborhood that can be great for getting publicity.
  • How to use the “win-win” concept to make yourself more attractive to media outlets.


Bonus CD #8:

“Affiliate Marketing Secrets for
Niche Marketers”

Interview with Rosalind Gardner
(57:02 minutes)

Rosalind is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on affiliate marketing. In late 1997, she worked as an air traffic controller in Canada and was desperately seeking a way to escape the crazy air traffic control shift schedules. She had no business experience, but one day a click on banner ad changed her life. Fast forward to 2002, she raked in a whopping $436,797 in affiliate commissions …promoting other people's stuff online! This year her commissions will greatly exceed that amount. Here are some of the affiliate marketing secrets that Rosalind will reveal:

  • The four biggest mistakes people make when it comes to affiliate marketing.
  • Some of the critical questions you should ask before joining an affiliate program.
  • How Rosalind gets a higher than average number of people to buy the affiliate products she promotes.
  • How you should display affiliate links on your web pages for higher response.
  • Rosalind's strategy for getting the most from pay-per-click traffic (and how you can avoid losing your shirt!)
  • The best type of affiliate commission payout plan and why.
  • Rosalind's number one source for locating top affiliate programs and how you can also use it to determine which programs will deliver the most sales.

Plus, You Get These Additional Bonuses…

Additional Bonus #1:
Unedited Transcripts From All 8 Insider Interviews With The Niche Mastery Advisors™

After listening to the audio recordings of the Niche Mastery Advisors, you can quickly access their powerful money-making ideas and secrets in these unedited transcripts. You won't find a more knowledgeable group of “in the know” marketers – Yanik Silver, Marc Goldman, Brad Fallon, Anthony Blake, Rosalind Gardner, Joel Christopher, Debbi Bressler, and Martin Wales.

Additional Bonus #2:
You Get To See With Your Own Eyes How I Find Profitable Keywords For My Content-Driven Web Businesses

I created two Camtasia videos that reveal my simple, but highly effective method for finding and evaluating keywords using Wordtracker. These secret “Inside Wordtracker” techniques have helped me uncover lots of great keywords (and niches) that many people walk right by. Now, you'll get to see, step-by-step, how I pick the best keywords for exploding my traffic and profits.

Additional Bonus #3:
Three Recently Rediscovered Manuscripts That Can Give Your Business A Winning Edge

These forgotten treasures have been buried away for nearly 50 years. But like many great works, their insights and advice have withstood the test of time. Use them to help create the abundant life you truly want.

eBook #1: How to Get Ideas – What do you find at the heart of every success story? An idea! But good ideas, the kind that bring money and success, do not come out of thin air. They are the result of a creative mind controlled by a planned procedure. Everyone possesses some creativeness. It is the planned procedure that is generally lacking. You must know how to get started in idea-creation, how to develop ideas, how to use the rules, how to make them work, and how to turn them into big money. This 92 page ebook tells you how!

eBook #2: What Makes Women Buy – Did you know that women control 80% of household spending? So whatever you're selling it's very likely that a woman is purchasing the product directly or greatly influencing the decision. Knowing what makes today's woman tick can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. This 294 page ebook reveals how women think, what they want from your product, what will interest and appeal to them and why.

eBook #3: Brainstorming - Any company or organization that makes and sells products in competition will prosper only as it develops new ideas. This is basic to growth and improve­ment. The ability to be creative - in which the techniques of "brain-storming" play such an important part - is largely a state of mind. It is a state of mind that we all can cultivate. In this remarkable 262 page ebook , you'll learn how you can brainstorm, how to catch ideas, tricks to keep ideas coming, what to do with your ideas, strategies and tactics you can use to turn your ideas into action, and much more.

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Your Second Guarantee: If you keep the package after sixty days and create a content-driven web business, I'll ride along with you for another SIX FULL months. If, at the end of this period, you're not making money or don't think you ever will, I'll gladly buy the package back for every cent you paid . Plus I'll pay you an extra $50 penalty for wasting your time. All I ask is that you show me proof on paper that you attempted the techniques and strategies outlined in my system. (Note: The second guarantee is not available to anyone who simply wants to copy the niche web business presented as a detailed case study in this system.)

The bottom line is that you get 8 full months to put my system to the test. This iron-clad guarantee places 100% of the risk on my shoulders and gives you plenty of time to confirm that I really walk the talk.

I'm confident that you're going to be thrilled with the results. After all, the tiny little niche web site that you get to follow attracted over 31,000 unique visitors by its eighth month and had already become a cash-churning machine!

So How Much Does It Cost For An Education That Turns Into A Lifetime of Income-Earning Ability?

Let's review everything included in The Niche Mastery System package so you can see the real value here. You get:

The Niche Mastery System Delivered in a 7 CD-ROM Audio Set Along With a 246-Page Printed Course Manual and a Printed Quick Start Guide!

It's the only comprehensive system I know with built-in, documented proof that it works.

Conservative value of 7 hours of my time at $400 per coaching hour: = $2,800.00

You get these incredible bonus interviews not available anywhere else – delivered as a set of 8 audio CD-ROMs:

  • Traffic Secrets for Niche Marketers (Brad Fallon)
  • Copywriting Secrets for Niche Marketers (Yanik Silver)
  • SRDS Secrets for Niche Marketers (Anthony Blake)
  • List Building Secrets for Niche Marketers (Joel Christopher)
  • Joint Venture Secrets for Niche Marketers (Marc Goldman)
  • Home Business Success Secrets for Niche Marketers (Debbi Bressler)
  • Publicity and PR Secrets for Niche Marketers (Martin Wales)
  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Niche Marketers (Rosalind Gardner)

Conservative value of the “Secrets for Niche Marketers” audio series: $300.00

Plus, you get these 3 additional bonuses:

  • 8 unedited transcripts from the interviews with the above Niche Mastery Advisors.
  • 2 Camtasia videos that reveal my secrets for finding and evaluating keywords using Wordtracker.
  • 3 rediscovered manuscripts that can give your business a winning edge.

Conservative value of these additional bonuses: $200

If you do the math for the bonuses and what you would have to pay me to coach you to success, the conservative value of this system is $3,300.00 (bare minimum).

But also consider the value of your time. No more trial and error frustration because you get a system that comes with proof built right in.

The time you save by using The Niche Mastery System is invaluable. Not to mention the high level of confidence you'll feel knowing that you're finally on your way to financial success and the life you've dreamed of!

Now, the good news is that you don't have to pay $3,300.00.

Your entire investment is only $397. I think you'll agree this is a tremendous bargain for a chauffeur-driven ride to the land of success.

Two Stipulations You Must Agree To
Before Ordering The Package:

By purchasing The Niche Mastery System, you agree…

  1. To follow the steps and techniques “exactly” as I present them when creating your first content-driven web business. This will give you an invaluable perspective for really understanding what makes a web business successful. Then, for additional sites, you'll know where you can take shortcuts or perform multiple tasks all at once.

  2. Not to reveal the domain name, URL, theme, or topic of the web business used as a case study in the material. You also agree not to republish or share any of the unique techniques and advice for finding niches, driving traffic to your web site, or creating multiple income streams.

Listen, I created this package for people who are serious about changing their financial lives and want to do it by finding profitable niche markets and making a great income on their own terms. So, if you don't think you can abide by these simple requests, just don't buy the package. The theft and misuse of proprietary information will only make those who want to help you succeed, reveal less and less.

But, if the two stipulations sound reasonable and your goal is to just get on with building a profitable Internet business with confidence, using a proven system, don't waste another second. Let's get started right now!

So Why Am I Selling The Niche Mastery System
For Such A Low, Low Price?

There are two very simple reasons:

  1. When I starting out online four years ago, I didn't know up from down when it came to Internet marketing and how to make money online. So, I understand your situation well. This is my chance to do what I said I would do back then. And that's to help others move up the success ladder.

    This is also why I threw caution to the wind and revealed intricate details for an actual web business that you can use as a guide. A wise man once said, “If you help others get what they want, you'll get what you want”. I truly believe those words. And I hope you remember them too when you're standing atop your mountain of Internet gold!

  2. I want to up the ante for the Internet marketing gurus who peddle product after product, but won't include detailed proof that they work. I don't know about you, but my knowledge and confidence levels don't go up one bit when some guru only provides a link (if you're lucky) to a completed web site and says, “there it is…proof!” They have got to be kidding!

    So, I want to put The Niche Mastery System in the hands of as many people as possible. When the success testimonials are plastered all over the Internet discussion boards, the gurus will be forced to take notice. The result will be more useful products for us all. And the true scammers will stick out like sore thumbs.

Now, think for a moment about what all you're really getting here. This is a complete turnkey system that teaches you everything you need to know to succeed online. The only thing that comes remotely close to it is the insider information you might get if you invested many thousands of dollars in a top franchise opportunity. Except with my system, you'll be making money even while you sleep – and without taking any of the huge risks. (In fact, I'm shouldering the risk).

That's about it for me. The next move is up to you. I've shown you that The Niche Mastery System is as risk-free as an offer can get. You and I both know that if you've read this far in the letter, you're seriously interested in fattening your bank account and changing your life. All that's left to do now is take action. (Your investment may be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor.) 

Exclusive Super-Bonus!
Limited Quantity

Standard Resale Rights to Volume I of the Niche Treasures ebook. You get:

  • Blueprints for 20 high demand, low competition niche markets just waiting to generate multiple streams of income.

  • Resale/reprint rights to the report which means you get to sell an unlimited number of copies on your own and keep all of the profits

  • Proven sales copy for the ebook that you can change so that it is tailored to your audience.

  • Professionally created Web site template with header graphic.

  • Professionally created order page.

  • Ready-to-go download page.

Now, I also currently sell this ebook on my web site which means they’ll get snapped up doubly fast! And once all units are gone, that’s it. The opportunity to purchase resale rights to this volume will never be made available again! (Note: Once your order has been confirmed, you’ll immediately receive an email containing the download link for this product.) $47 Value

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Michael J. Holland

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P.P.S. I had my fulfillment company print up the maximum 200 copies of The Niche Mastery System (because they have lots of clients and there are limitations on storage space). And, while I have no plans to pull the product from the market, I expect the initial inventory to sell out very quickly. Once this happens, it means that you could be waiting up to ten business days before your copy ships.  So, claim your copy now to avoid a potentially long delay in building your Internet empire. Remember that time is money!

P.P.S. Still can’t decide if The Niche Mastery System is for you? See below…

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