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I'm chomping at the bit to learn the techniques and secrets you deliver in The Niche Mastery System for finding profitable niches and creating content-driven web businesses that generate multiple lifelong income streams and will quickly put me on the path to financial freedom.

I understand that if I act now, I can claim my copy at the incredible bargain price of only $397 ... plus I get ALL the FREE Bonuses listed below!

Your step-by-step system, which comes with detailed proof that it works and a profitable real-world niche business to guide me to success, is exactly what I've been looking for!

By listening to your advice (delivered on 7 audio CD-ROMs) and following the home study manual or quick start guide, I'll finally be able to control my financial destiny with unshakable confidence.

And because I'm acting NOW,
I'm claiming these 13 FREE bonuses:

The Secrets for Niche Marketers Audio Series delivered as a set of 8 audio CD-ROMs: (Conservative Value: $300.00)

  • Traffic Secrets for Niche Marketers (Brad Fallon)

  • Copywriting Secrets for Niche Marketers (Yanik Silver)

  • SRDS Secrets for Niche Marketers (Anthony Blake)

  • List Building Secrets for Niche Marketers (Joel Christopher)

  • Joint Venture Secrets for Niche Marketers (Marc Goldman)

  • Home Business Success Secrets for Niche Marketers (Debbi Bressler)

  • Publicity and PR Secrets for Niche Marketers (Martin Wales)

  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Niche Marketers (Rosalind Gardner)

Plus, these 3 bonuses: (Conservative Value $200)

  • 8 unedited transcripts from the interviews with the above Niche Mastery Advisors.

  • 2 Camtasia videos that reveal your secrets for finding and evaluating keywords using Wordtracker.

  • 3 rediscovered manuscripts that can give my business a winning edge.

Plus, I get these EXCLUSIVE super-bonuses (Conservative Value $544)

  • Access to a private discussion forum for 4 MONTHS of coaching. This means you'll give me additional tips and techniques for growing my online business and I get to ask any question I want about niches and niche marketing.

  • Standard Resale Rights to Volume I of the Niche Treasures ebook. In addition to 20 high demand, low competition niches, I get resale rights to the ebook. This means that I can sell an unlimited number of copies on my own and keep 100% of the profits. To help me do this, you’re providing a ready-to-go Web site template, sales copy, order page, and download page.

Now, the icing on the cake is that I get to take my time and check out the entire system because it comes with your 100% Iron-Clad, Risk-Free, Double Satisfaction Guarantee!

That means I have sixty days to try out everything, and if for any reason or no reason, I'm not 100% happy and convinced THIS is what will finally help me get a foothold on the Internet and start making my Internet business a reality ... I'll just send back all the materials for a fill refund. No tricks. No questions asked.

But if I go full steam ahead with my plan to create a web business based on your system, I get an extra SIX months (for a total of eight months from the purchase date) to put it to the test. And if I'm not making money 24/7 from multiple income streams or ever think it will happen, I'll show you the proof that I tried your system and it didn't work for me. If I do this, you promise to STILL give me a full refund and pay me an extra $50 penalty for wasting my valuable time.

On that totally risk-free basis, here's my order for The Niche Mastery System

I have Read and Agree to the purchasing conditions and the two stipulations below.


Stipulation #1: Good Faith Effort
I agree to follow The Niche Mastery System steps and techniques “exactly” as Michael presents them when creating my first content-driven web business. By doing this, I will get an invaluable perspective for really understanding what makes a web business successful. Then, for additional web sites, I’ll know where I can take shortcuts or perform multiple tasks all at once.
Stipulation #2: Non-Disclosure Agreement
I agree not to reveal the domain name, URL, theme, or topic of the web business that Michael used as a case study in the material. Also, I agree not to republish or share any of the unique techniques and advice for finding niches, driving traffic to my web site, or creating multiple income streams. I understand that everything being provided in The Niche Mastery System is protected by copyright, so that reproduction or redistribution in any form is prohibited by law.


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